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New Babies

29-March-2023 13:27
in General
by Admin

 Sunday was a busy day for former Alex Hales Racing horses.  Maybell and Bourbon Beauty, both of whom had been in training with us, gave birth to filly foals.


Bourbon Beauty had a lovely foal by Planteur early in the morning and Maybell gave birth to another filly, the sire being frontiersman.  The foals were quickly up on their feet as were their exhausted mothers.  This is the 4th foal by Maybell, all of the previous 3 were idential to her with white socks and a big white blaze, her new baby is different being plain bay with a tiny star.


Maybell and her filly foal by Frontiersman


Bourbon Beauty's baby is very much like her with hardly any markings at all, she is very inquisitive though!


Bourbon Beauty's filly foal by Planteur


Both mothers and babies does well and hopefully future superstars.